Creeping Death

poniedziałek, 24 sierpnia 2009

XIV (Human Execution)

I hear they screaming shout

someone’s run out.

I don’t know what’ happening,

‘cause I can’t see,

there is no lights.

Sun on this place is darkening,

toxic fluid starts to flow.

Plague of murders

sinking on my town.

Children will never be grown.

Empty feeling crushing my own,

another murder’s done.

Someone killed my family,

raped my mind,

he used my hand.

Fear inside my head,

I can see only end.

End of time,

end of lie,

human lie.

Living in the fear,

fear to the end.

Dealed with contract,

which began thic ending act.

Electric chair

waiting for me,

final countdown of me,

in my cell.

Hour by hour,

minute by minute,

alone in my cell.

Announcement of verdict,

like an mouse-pad “click”.

Pierced my head,

Judge has lied.

Verdict was stand.

End of time,

end of my live,

human lie.

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