Creeping Death

środa, 14 stycznia 2009

IX (My Lady In Black)

The Cold is everywhere.
Landmine exploded.
like a bird
in the cage.
Trapped under
the darkening sky!
Stay and thinking of,
what's done
what to do.
When suddenly the clock
begins to beat the midnight!

Frozen chill along
my back!

Looking at
the sea of nightmares.
Monster wave's coming here,
flooding my place.
Mr.Death on his boat with horse.
Mr.Death came for me.
wants my soul.
wants my mind.
wants me dead!

turning back.
Looking for the help.
I see
she's there.
Lady In Black came.
Can you help me?
Could you open this cage
to free the me?
Take me off
from the Mr.Death's clows!

Lady In Black,
she saves me alive!
Mr. Death lost my soul.
Lost his empty smile.
His white horse escaped,
left his Master behind,
'cause he scarred!

Lady In Black
she's like
an Angel for me,
which stand on my way,
to heal my soul.

Like an Angel on Mr. Death's way,
she's rescued my tradic day,
My Lady In Black,
she's back.

czwartek, 1 stycznia 2009

VIII (War)

"Life is rivalry
never ending play
which lead us to the blame.

A lot of temptation
crushing your head,
you don't like that.

The bomb in your hands,
you put under your brothers,
killing them all.

Addiction shared your life,
phobia changed your style,
haunting thought grows up...

You don't reign
over your mind,
you're scarring so!

Even you lay down,
the time marches on
hour after hour.
You dwelt in gutter!

After this time
staying and think
that was like
a Nightmare in reality!

You're looking for the cure.
You're looking for the help.
You're looking for the Love...
but you recall that all,
you raped all things.
You repeled your Love,
you lost that one...

You're going to
take a back of the time,
you'd like to
redress the wrong.
But it's too late,
you regret that all.
This wound will not
be cured.
You stand alone,
and cry!