Creeping Death

wtorek, 11 listopada 2008


“And my heart’s crying
my thoughts were remembrance of you
whispered to my ears
she’s gone.

“let’s funny, life is play,
be my friend”-you said,
and all things,
all of lucky whiles
faded away.
That’s swallowed by lies.

Black cloud
covered my head.
The thunder and lightning.
The chills have run along my back.
Frozen me,
broken me.
Felt so empty,
felt so wrong
like sliping away.

No love
you gave me.
No respect
you gave me.
Sorrow stand,
destroyed me.

That was my burden.
Part of me wanted
get you back,
but you’re not.
Really of me,
that being of me replied:
“Get out of here
and never back.”

The down of me.
It seemed like this.
I couldn’t move at all,
but I will rise me up.
I swear on God.
You’ll repay me for that.
I swear,
You will down to me.

One day you look at me,
and you’ll see smile on my face,
during you’re crying.
My rising up will be done.
Sorrow will leave me out,
the mist will run away.
Sun shall shine.

One day you will see,
that nobody shouldn’t hurt anyone,
‘cause your bullets getting suddenly back to you.
In every time if you’d be happy.

This moment
you’ll point your finger
to find the cure,
but staying alone,
‘cause you’ve been hurt them.
Emptiness and sorrow.
Only your companies.
Last breath
you’ll have no chance.
Chance to hide.

you’ll be laying inside.
There’ll be no one
to crying for you.
And you’ll see
that you sinned before.

No one
to cover your grave.
You’ll be lost.
Final breath.
No return.
You’ll be dead so lonely.
And you’ll never be back
‘cause it’s time to pay.
You’ll pay for the sins.
Forever you’ll end.
Your soul is dead.
Time to say: